Hawaii. Moving Forward. Long Beach.

After a disappointing finish to our final holes last Friday we headed to Hapuna Beach to enjoy one more afternoon in paradise.  There is nothing quite like an afternoon at the beach to help you forget about golf and realize there is a little more to life than just golf.  I’m confident each of us has learned from our experience this past week and will be hungry to make sure we make the most of the next seven opportunities we have this spring before the NCAA post-season.  We’ve got a busy next couple of weeks beginning with our trip to Long Beach, Calif., for the Del Walker Collegiate.

Hapuna Beach

An 8 team match play event this year, the event will give us the opportunity to go head-to-head with the best in the country.  In preparation for the event we will be qualifying via a 10 man double-elimination match play event.  Seeding for the qualifier is based on the power ratings with matches beginning Saturday.  It will be fun to see the guys battle it out head to head and see how they respond to the different style of play.  Match play can definitely bring out more emotion than stroke play.

Matches for Saturday are as follows

1) #7 Casey King v. #10 Jeff Petroff

2) #8 Matt Rawitzer v. #9 Brian Jung

3) #3 Alex Moore v. #6 Scott Kim

4) #4 Nick Chianello v. #5 Jonnie Motomochi


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