Over or Under

Nick Sherwood begins our final practice round as the sun begins to rise over Mauna Kea.

With our final practice round behind us and having done everything we can to make sure we are ready to begin our 2012 season, we headed to the beach again for some sun and relaxation. A high surf advisory was again in effect but that did not deter the guys from having some fun in the Pacific Ocean.  The only question was whether they would be going over or under the waves.  Some fared better than others but again thanks to Pele and our gift to the Lava Gods we came out injury free and ready to compete tomorrow.

After the afternoon at the beach we headed back to the golf course for some putting and some light range work before being treated to a nice Hawaiian luau, which included entertainment from a polynesian dance organization. Don’t try this at home.

The work begins tomorrow at 7:30 AM as we are paired with Texas, Stanford, and Hawaii.  We have had three great rounds of preparation and the team is excited to get on the course and compete.  You can follow live scoring on golfstat.

Go Beavs!


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