A Gift To The Lava Gods

The team at Hapuna Beach State Park getting some sun after an early morning practice round.

We are not about to make the same mistake as we did last year, and yes, we are superstitious.  We will do everything we can to make sure Pele – The Goddess of Fire, is on our side this week. If you didn’t know peeing in the lava is bad luck, don’t do it!

Standing on the 18th tee David Fink launched a ball into the lava as far and high as he could as a gift to the gods.  He said it would allow him to be blessed for the week.  Without hesitation Nick Chianello and Alex Moore ran to their bag to grab a ball and hit one high and far.  All three birdied the par 5, 18th…we are off to a good start!

With golf done by 11:30 this morning the team headed to the beach to take on the high surf advisory.  Scott Kim (in photo below to the left of the sign) was sent through the wash machine a few times but came out unscathed as did the rest of the team.

Taking a break from the waves, the team somehow talked Alex and Matt into being buried in the sand.  I’m not quite sure why they agreed to do this, but it looked like they actually enjoyed it!

Matt and Alex for some reason found themselves buried in the sand...

Our final practice round at Waikoloa will take place tomorrow at 7:30 AM and then I’m sure we will be back off to the beach to enjoy our trip and have a little fun.

Go Beavs!


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