Pacific Invitational Preparation – Update From Coach Reehoorn

Hard to imagine but just five more days of practice and then one tournament to go before the fall season is in the books.  To this point in the season the team has shown moments of playing really good golf, but we need to continue to get better especially in the short game. To end practice last week we spent a few hours on our par 3/wedge area with varying shots of 30-120 yards.  The wedge area is a great place to practice as we have it all to ourselves, can hit shots from just about any distance to three different greens, and can do fun stuff like listen to music on the course.

We will continue to work on our wedge game and putting with five days of preparation left before we leave for the Pacific Invitational.  There are a few statistical areas where I believe if we can achieve to certain standards then we will perform well.  Right now we are lacking big time in one particular area, putting efficiency.  Putting efficiency is simple.  No matter on how you hit the ball, it predicts the number of putts you should have per round based on GIR.  At the Alister MacKenzie Invitational the team averaged 14.87 GIR but 33.3 putts / round.  Our putting efficiency on our 12 counting scores as +25…meaning if we putted and chipped just a little better to reach our standards we shoot -36 instead of -11.

There is something about college golf that everyone wants to go straight to the range.  Hitting the ball is where college golfers are probably closest to being equal to the guys playing for money…it is wedge play and putting where they are separated the most, which is why these two pictures from the Alister MacKenzie Invitational make no sense.

A sea of golfers on the range at The Meadow Club prior to round 1.

On a course that was essentially a putting contest…the putting green is empty.  These two photos were taken seconds from one another.

Where are all the golfers?

We will be spending more time on the putting green this coming week and I’m confident the team will be ready to end the season on a high note.

Go Beavs!



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