Pre-Season Report, Day 3: Tetherow Golf Club

The team traveled to Central Oregon for a practice round at Tetherow Golf Club this afternoon.  With the team piled in two vans they crossed the Cascades and headed to a spot where many of them had success during the PNGA Men’s Amateur.   Freshman, Brian Jung, is the only one who hasn’t seen the course so Coach Reehoorn wanted to make sure Brian had the opportunity get familiar with the course.  Tetherow, designed by David McLay Kidd, is not a course you want to try and play blind.  It is a links course in the high desert and provides some green complexes not for the faint of heart.

Team practicing on the driving range at Tetherow, looking good in their orange shirts.

The team concluded the evening with a talk from Senior, Jonnie Motomochi.  During the retreat Coach has asked each Senior to share some wisdom with the younger guys about what they have learned during the three/four years at Oregon State.  It was a great talk from Jonnie about appreciating the opportunity you, making the most of it, and understanding when in the game of golf you at times need to be a bit selfish to help you reach your own goals.

David Fink (in distance) hits approach to the difficult par 4, 11th.

Jonnie will take his 1st round lead in qualifying back to the course tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 when round 2 begins.


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