Pre-Season Report, Day 1: Nick² Lead The Way

The Beavers opened practice with what Coach Riley and the football team are accustom too, a two-a-day.  The day began with a 100 shot up/down challenge and ended with a practice round on Trysting Tree for tomorrow’s beginning to qualifying.

At 8:00 AM the team met the coaches at what the team refers to as the ‘middle green’ for what will be the first of many short game challenges.  This game required each player to convert 60 of 100 (10 shots from 10 different locations) up and down opportunities.

Freshman Scott Kim during the afternoon round at Trysting Tree. The middle green is in the background and is located between holes 3,5, and 6 at Trysting Tree.

Either the team is pretty dang good, or Coach Reehoorn set this challenge up to easy as Nick Chianello led the way by converting 82 of 100 with the lowest conversion rate being 67.  This competition also kicked off the ’11-12 edition of the Coyote Cup.  The Coyote Cup, named after the first mascot of Oregon State University, is an annual Player of the Year race, which will have the players compete for points in practice, qualifying, and tournaments.

Newcomer Nick Chianello hits this approach on #1 to 4 feet and makes birdie.

With qualifying beginning tomorrow morning the team had the opportunity to play a practice round in the afternoon on Coach’s newest edition to Beaver Golf, Trysting Hard.  Trysting Tree, which is a 7000 yard-par 72 course was converted to a 6300 yard-par 64.  With the four par 5’s being converted to 480 yard plus par 4’s and 6 par 3’s playing over 210 yards the setup was very difficult.  Nick Sherwood posted the lowest score of the day with a 66 (+2).

According to Coach Reehoorn the setup accomplished what he had hoped. “By doing this, I really want to push the guys to fight and scrap for everything.  With the greens as fast and firm as they were today they faced difficult shots and challenges on every hole at Trysting Tree.  And that can only do one thing, make us better,” he said.

The team will face a similar setup tomorrow when they open qualifying for the Husky Invitational at 7:30 AM. Trysting Hard will be playing as a par 66 with two of the par 4’s that were converted to par 3’s today, will be pushed back to their normal Championship tee.



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