’11-’12 Season Begins

The 2011-2012 season got underway today with a team meeting in the Beaver Den at Trysting Tree Golf Course and ended with a team BBQ at Coach Reehoorn’s home.  At Coach’s house it quickly became apparent how competitive each of the guys are on the team by just watching them each play a few games of cornhole. Seems obvious no one on this team takes losing very easily and they love to celebrate.

Nick Sherwood celebrates after making a 'cornhole,' while David Fink reacts with disgust.

The first practice of the season will begin tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM and the team will take to the course in the afternoon to tackle Coach Reehoorn’s new Trysting Hard, 6300 yard – par 64.  When asked about his thoughts on the team for the upcoming season Coach Reehoorn commented, “this is the most excited I have been about a team as a Head Coach.  This group of guys really has the opportunity to do something special.  I cant wait to see how qualifying unfolds.”

Qualifying for the Kikkor Golf Husky Invitational will begin early Sunday morning before the team heads to Bend, Ore., for three more rounds of qualifying at Tetherow Golf Club.



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