Travis Milleman: Daily Blog from Wyoming Cowboy Classic

Tuesday, March 5

Today I woke up, not only with sunburns on almost every exposed part of my body, but with a desire to finally play some good golf. The final round of the Wyoming Cowboy Classic had at last come. By 6:00 we were already eating breakfast and fueling up for the 18 holes ahead of us. Scottsdale once again had provided us with perfect golfing conditions: 85 degree weather, no wind, and blue sky as far as the eye could see. My round kicked off with a chip in on my very first hole for a birdie. I was sure that this was the start of a very promising round. Throughout the day, I hit great shot after great shot. Even though my score for the day was a 75, due to my inconsistencies on the greens, I actually felt like I was playing well. That’s just how golf goes sometimes. In the large scope of things, I can walk away from Talking Stick Golf Club with a little more experience under my belt. Despite not shooting the greatest scores out on the course, I really did enjoy the entire trip and hopefully there will be many more to come. I learned three lessons at this tournament: putt with a purpose, trust your abilities, and always wear sunscreen! This is Travis Milleman signing out.


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