Travis Milleman- Daily Bog from Wyoming Cowboy Classic

Monday, April 4

The Wyoming Cowboy Classic has arrived. It was an early morning, waking up before dawn to get some food and heading out to the course at 7:00 for the long 36 holes we had ahead of us. As Coach Reehoorn had predicted, the winds had shifted and were blowing in the opposite direction from when we played our practice round. This made getting the correct yardage out there very difficult for the first few holes. My first collegiate tournament got off to a shaky start with a few early bogies. Although as time passed, and my nerves started to disappear, I finally started hitting some good golf shots. Even though my 77-73 out there today was much higher than I would prefer, I really enjoyed it. I know that I’m still in the process of learning a lot of things about myself and my game when I get into tournament situations, but who isn’t?  That’s what makes golf so great and why I’m so excited to get out there tomorrow and tear it up! In Jonnie’s words, “I just have to control the controllables, and the rest will follow.” I would also like to give a shout out to Nick and Dave who really rebounded from their first rounds today with second round scores of 66 and 68 respectively. Those scores really helped us move up in the team competition and in prime position for tomorrow’s final round. This is Travis Milleman signing off until tomorrow, and GO BEAVS!


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