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Saturday, April 2

The day started out at 11:30 am with a short ride up to PDX to catch our 3:10 flight to Phoenix, Arizona. During the drive to the airport, we watched the movie “The Fighter”, which is one of my new favorites. Just so everyone knows, I have a huge phobia of flying in airplanes. Not only am I afraid of heights, I get motion sickness, and I am not fond of the idea of crashing. So basically I am deathly afraid of flying. Despite my best efforts to not think about it on the way to the airport, by the time we started unloading bags from the van, my knees started shaking. My experience wasn’t made any easier with Schick and David telling me everything that could, and probably would go wrong during our flight. In spite of all of their comments, I boarded the plane with the thought of Arizona on my mind. Two and half hours of nervous sweating and clutching the seat later, we landed in the balmy 92 degree weather of Phoenix. We made it.

Next stop was driving to the hotel and then enjoying the fine dining of Red Robin, Yuuummmm! After our stomachs were full of strawberry lemonades and bottomless fries, we decided to try our odds at racing go karts. To save the embarrassment of a few of us (mainly just David), I will just say that some of us were better at driving than others. Timmy, being sneaky good at everything, ended up with the fastest lap time. Tomorrow morning we will go out and prepare for the Wyoming Cowboy Classic in our practice round at Talking Stick Golf Club. This is Travis Milleman signing off until tomorrow.


One response to “Travis Milleman- Daily Blog from Wyoming Cowboy Classic

  • ken milleman

    Sounded like a good points day at the race track with a solid top 10 performance! Good luck with the tournament and GO BEAVS!!

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