ESPN Bracket Challenge

We know you have already printed out 5-10 copies of the bracket, done it once, ripped it up, done it again, and finally settled on your fourth or fifth try.  On the way to Portland this morning to visit the Nike Campus to check out the new apparel line for next year and see our post-season shoes the team will be receiving soon.

I realized I had not even looked at the bracket once yet, so I opened up the smart phone and began to fill out my initial bracket.  (don’t worry I was not driving)   At the end I had selected Notre Dame to win it all, I’m not sure how I feel about that selection…but for now that is what I’m going with.  This got me thinking…We compete in everything we do and when it comes to something like the NCAA Tournament, what better way to do it than to compete with all of our fans/followers and create an ESPN Bracket Challenge open to anyone who would like to participate.  This is all about PRIDE!  So, for anyone who is interested, we have created an ESPN Bracket Challenge under the name of ‘Oregon State Golf.’

Make sure to sign up by Thursday morning and let the madness begin!



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