FEATURE FRIDAY- Getting to know David Fink

Year: Redshirt Freshman
Major: New Media Communication
Hometown: Kailua, HI

Favorite Golf Memory: “My favorite golf memory is winning the Junior PGA Championship Aloha Sectional Qualifier for my grandpa.  He passed away just after I won it and I did it for him and he got to see me win the tournament.  He was a great man that I wish I got closer to, but I was so blessed and happy that it worked out that for the last time he was with us, I got to show him how much he meant to me.”

How Did You Get Into Golf: “I got into golf by watching television and going out in the back yard, acting like I was playing the best golfers in the world.  I started when I was about 4 or 5 with plastic clubs, but soon after played with my dad and other grandpa, each at least once a week.  I made an 18 hole golf course in my back yard, with chopsticks in the holes with little paper taped to the top of them reading the hole numbers, when I was about 8.  Another little golf memory in the beginning was that my grandpa would always buy me a spam musubi on the 1st hole at Waialae Country Club when we would play golf on Friday’s.  There’s a little memory that I looked forward to about getting to the golf course.”

Strength of Game: “My strength of my game has to be my fire and desire to perform.  I always want to do well and help the team, especially when I am down and not playing great.  This is when my fire kicks in and makes me fight back in the round.  Also, I would have to say scrambling and putting have always been a strength.  I try to tell myself that I am a magician when I am in trouble on the course, and can get it up and down.”

Weakness of Game: “My weakness is ball striking mostly.  I need to be able to hit more greens to be able to score better and go low.”

Favorite Thing About OSU Golf: “My favorite thing about OSU Golf is the family aspect.  I feel like I have 7 other brothers here that I can talk to about anything, have fun with, and compete against.  Also, I love how we are underdogs.  It makes me train so much harder knowing that we could upset any team in a tournament because of our talent and teamwork.”

Favorite Class at OSU: “My favorite class at OSU would have to be Health 199, which talks about Drugs and Alcohol in sports.  It taught me a lot about what drugs and alcohol do to a body of an athlete.  The teachers were fantastic and I still see them around and chat with them.  I also got to talk to 2nd graders about drugs, alcohol, and sports through the class, which was amazing.  It was awesome to talk to the kids and see how much the looked up to me.  It was a serious case of Deja Vu, but it was such a fulfilling experience giving back to youngsters who have yet to start their future endeavors.”

What’s in the Bag?
Driver: NIKE VR STR8 FIT 9.5*
3 Wood: NIKE VR STR8 FIT 15*
5 Wood: Montech 18*
Irons: NIKE VR Split Cavity (3-PW)
Wedges: NIKE VR 56*, 60*
Putter: Odyssey White Hot
Ball: NIKE One * Tour D


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