Nick Sherwood: Daily Blog from Battle at the Beach

Tuesday, February 15

It was an 8:30 shotgun this morning for the final round of the Battle and the Beach. The Beavers started the day off in ninth position and would end up staying in ninth when the tournament was all said and done.   The Final round was finished with Alex Moore, David Fink and Jonnie Motomochi shooting 72, Casey King and Nick Sherwood shooting 75 and Jeff Petroff shooting 77.  Although it seems like an uneventful day on the card it was anything but uneventful on the course. 

Jonnie Motomochi, on the fifth hole stepped into the rough, went to his hands and knees and proceeded to projectile vomit all his breakfast and dinner from the night before all over the course. It just so happens that Phil Mickelson was passing by at the time of the vomit to watch his brother’s team, the University of San Diego ( I can only imagine what was going through his mind).   Even though Jonnie felt like a squashed bug he still managed to play a solid round of golf and help the Beavers to the finish. 

After the round, we were in a time crunch and had to rush to the LA airport to make our 5:45 flight home.  Even though our backs were up against the wall we made it a priority to stop at California’s greatest burger joint, IN-N-OUT Burger. It was a great way to end the trip to Newport Beach, so until next time this is SHICK NERWOOD signing off.



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