Nick Sherwood: Daily Blog from Battle at the Beach

Sunday, February 13

Today was the start to the Battle at the Beach.  This week is a little unique in the college golf world because this tournament is a six count five format, compared to a normal tournament format of five count four.  Along with the unique tournament format, each of us get the company of another teammate in the same grouping to joke with in between shots. This would turn out to be very helpful in keeping my spirits up during the tough stretches of golf today.

It was quite a long day for the Beavers with six hour and fifteen minute rounds to go along with some up and down golf.  After it was all said and done, the Beavs are sitting in tenth position with thirty six holes to go. Don’t let that comment fool you though.  Each of us had our times of brilliance to go along with our “hic-ups”.  For example, today on the 550 yard, par 5 eighth hole, Jonnie Motomochi (after a shaky  start) made a 18 foot putt for eagle which propelled him to make four more birdies before shooting one over par 71 on day one. The key to our success for the rest of the tournament is to play fearless golf for thirty six holes and let our true potential come through.  There is still a lot of golf to be played, a wise man once told me “you never know when the next one (shot) might go in. Never give up.” So tune in tomorrow to GolfStat and watch your Beavers on moving day at the Battle at the Beach.   



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