Nick Sherwood: Daily Blog from Battle at the Beach

Saturday, February 12

It was a bright and early morning for the Beavers with a 7:30am practice round at Pelican Hill Resort.  We arrived at the golf course just before sunrise, as we were warming up the sun crept up from behind the mountain indicating today was going to be the start of a great day.  It didn’t take long for us to realize we were playing at a pristine golf course.  To go along with lighting fast, wicked smooth greens, Pelican Hill is located just off the coast of Newport Beach and as you walk up on every tee box you get an amazing view of Newport bay and Catalina island (made infamous off the movie Step Brothers).      

After our practice round we hustled to our luxurious mini vans, changed on run, wolfed down some expensive turkey wraps, in order to make it to famous John Wooden Court to watch our fellow Beavers basketball team play the UCLA Bruins.  We made it to Pauley Pavilion by halftime to find our Beavers only down five points.  After a lengthy wait at the restroom and concessions stand, I arrived at my seating section only to find Jonnie Motomochi spitting mad game on the fine southern California talent.  After listening to Jonnie’s less than effective spattering of pick up lines, I focused my attention to the game only to find the Beavers were getting rejected worse than Jonnie himself.  The Beavers were rejected a total of 16 times during the afternoon game. 

Later that night after we returned from the UCLA campus we met up at California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. After making the mistake of not getting a reservation and waiting over an hour and fifteen minutes to be seated, we enjoyed some superb pizza.  On the way home from dinner David Fink forgot his wallet in the restaurant and had to go back to get it “AKA pulled a Shick”.   To finish off the night we had a team meeting to get us prepared and make the final steps in getting ready to go out tomorrow and dominate.



One response to “Nick Sherwood: Daily Blog from Battle at the Beach

  • Spencer

    We all know Jonnie doesn’t have any game unless the girl has a boyfriend, and what a classic for Fink to pull a Shick!! Hit it long and straight and keep it in the short stuff. Go Beavs!!

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