David Fink: Home to Start the Spring Season

Thursday, February 3

Good morning to Johnson’s obnoxious alarm!  It is so perfect how his alarm wakes up everyone in the condo, sarcasm.  The best part is that it has gone off exactly a half hour before my alarm, meaning that I lose that much sleep every time.  But to add to the trauma this little man creates, he then proceeds to eat his cereal literally a foot away from my sleeping ears.  At this point I literally surrender.  It is time to begin the day.

A bowl of fried rice deep, with a little ketchup and good old’ Tabasco on top, I am ready for the round, or at least I thought.

The day was a tough one.  With some great golf shots, sarcasm to the fullest, I found myself 3 over after 5 holes.  This was no good or no bueno as we say it here on the golf team.  I got the ugly truth that the team was not doing too hot just after making birdie and being pumped up. 

The Beavers struggled today, it just was not our day, it happens.  But it very well could have been the result of someone, no need to name them, Nick Sherwood, making a very poor decision.  In Hawaii, the culture is that you need to respect the land, or aina in Hawaiian.  When disrespected, usually bad karma arises and back luck occurs.  Shick decided to urinate on a lava rock on the 12th hole.  He ended up bogeying the hole by skulling his chip over the green from just off.  Perhaps everything is Shick’s fault!  This will be referenced soon enough.

The resulting scores from today was Johnson and Shick at 2-over par, Alex and Petroff shooting 1-over, and I chimed in with even par.  But we all fought back and never gave up, something mama always told me.  Golf is done for the day and after a little team meeting with Jon Peter Reehoorn’s words of wisdom it was time to cool off and go to the beach.

We decided to go to the good side of Hapuna Beach, in front of the resort instead of the public side, with enough people to cause claustrophobia.  Frisbee, football, and body boarding were in full effect.  And congrats to Alex for catching his first wave, we are so very proud of him, sarcasm.

After  a good 3 hours in the surf and running after the flying disc, acting like dogs, we headed back up to the cars.  But when I got out of the water, I discovered someone’s keys lying on the shoreline.  Could these be our keys?  Who was responsible for this?  Whose fault really was it?

All of these questions could be answered with a simple look and pointing the finger at Timoteo!  Timmy decided taking the keys along for a ride in the surf was a good idea.  It sure was, sarcasm.  The car did not seem to want to start as the dashboard screen read a heartwarming, “bad key.”  45 minutes into the darkness, Petroff, Johnson, Timoteo, and I sat in the “stupid car,” Petroff said.  It was time for me to take action.

After not doing anything while the others scavenged for help numbers, car manuals, and fitling with the soaked key, I felt like I had to work my “magic.”  I jumped in the cockpit and went to work.  To be honest I was doing nothing.  But Timoteo handed me the reassembled key and told me “Dave just start up the car, I want to go home.”   When he said that, it clicked, I just have to turn on the car, not that we have been trying for almost an hour now.

With a twist of the key, Dave saves the day!  Timoteo gave me a hug as if I had just got back home from battle.  On the drive back to the condo, we all came to a conclusion, “it is all Shick’s fault.”  But anyway, this truthful tale has to come to an end, and so does the day.

Tomorrow is a new day of golf.  Though far back, we have yet to even come close to playing good golf.  It is the day of the Beavers tomorrow.  It is our time. 


Wednesday, February 2

The busy life of being on the road!  After yesterday’s round, it seemed like the day just ended.  The team played solid, but definitely could have made more putts and simplified our lives by just flat out, playing more stress-free.

After the round, I went straight to the range to hit about 50 pitching wedges.  I needed to have some positive end to the day, after not doing too well on the last hole.  But everyone had problems in their round.  Everyone had their short but sweet practice.  We got back, and ate, then had a quick team meeting ending in a team huddle.  With fists up in the air, we all said “heart,” in unison.  How cute?  Sarcasm.

Off to the studies for Jonnie, a.k.a. Johnson, and I.  We turned in our papers with an additional 23 minutes to spare.  We are quite good at what we do, sarcasm.

The best part of the later part of the day was the team dinner with the families.  My mom and brother stirred up some kalua pig, teriyaki chicken, chow mein noodles, pineapple, taro bread, and mouth watering Japanese rice.  For dessert we rapped it all up with some coconut cake and mocha.  I’d say we had an okay meal, sarcasm.

We all got back to our condo and tried not to throw the food up due to the fullness.  We learned how not to throw up from watching Johnson at the beach.  Let’s just say he drinks a bit too much saltwater.  Smart guy, sarcasm.  A few “goodnight’s and sweet dreams,” the condo was silent.  It is time to let the dreams flow and get ready for the second round.

Speaking of dreams, Nick, a.k.a. Shick, has been screaming in his sleep and saying random things.  If you have advice on how to stop this weird child from these actions, please call Alex at (541) BE QUIET SHICK!



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