David Fink: Home to Start the Spring Season

Tuesday, February 1

“Where are my pants Dave!”  No alarm needed this morning due to Jeff Petroff screaming at me.  Nick and I felt like giving Jeff a nice little morning surprise with his shorts, which everyone had to wear on the team today, being hid.  The best part was that he literally slept on his shorts as they were tucked in his pillow case.  Oh Jeff, the wonderful world of hide and seek.

But we were up and ready to play in the practice round.  After eating our fruits and common PB&J’s we headed down the stairs and loaded into the two soccer mom vans.  The great thing about the vans, sarcasm, is the automatic doors. I have always learned that you should close the door on somebody, but according to the doors, its fair game!  But it was just the beginning of the day, and I appreciate the doors for giving me a little wake up squeeze, sarcasm.

We pulled up to a packed house at the course, with teams everywhere.  The Frogs, Ducks, Trojans, Dons, Bruins, and many more teams of the tournament piled on the practice putting green, chipping area, as well as the driving range.  We decided to be the friendly Beavers we are and stay on the putting green and just have a relaxed warm up.  After a good 30 minutes, we headed out to start on our windblown practice round.  We all showed our brilliant shots and other not too great shots which collectively, as a team, we can agree “are good that they are out of our systems.” 

The winds picked up, but switched after about 14 holes, making Jon, on this trip known as “Jonathon,” Reehoorn scratch his head.  He decided to make us re-hit tee shots on numbers 12 and 13, which earlier in the day gave us trouble.  We felt confident about them after and the practice round was over.  Flew by just like that, but now we had to get down to some real business and find the beach for the day.

We headed to Mauna Kea beach, after Nick reclaimed his wallet, after a day and a half of searching low and high for it, an example of the adventures he plans out for the team.  But we did make it to the beach and Nick found his wallet, so both battles were won.  After a tough 2 hours at the beach, we saw a baby turtle, or honu swim by in the water.  Jealous?  An experience of a lifetime for some, including Tim Sundseth, referred to as Timoteo, who could not bare to take his eyes off of the little honu.  Check out the video of us throwing around the Frisbee like pros, sarcasm, below.

Bodies aching, sarcasm, we headed back to the condos to take showers and get ready for the dinner shared by all the teams.  It seemed as if I was chef, as every dinner item we served ourselves, I was asked “Dave, what is this?”  But it was fine because I got to enjoy the local food with the team.  All in all it was a great day.  Being squeezed by the door, possibly $2 in injuries, balls lost by the team today in the practice round, estimated $2 in Kleenex, the look on Timoteo’s face after eating chicken laulau, PRICELESS.

Tomorrow the fun begins.  Not only do we get to show the other teams and spectators, but we get to show ourselves how ready we are for the season to begin.  Tomorrow begins the best spring season I have experienced on the Beavers squad thus far.  All we can do, is do we. 

Laki maika’i, or good luck in Hawaiian.



One response to “David Fink: Home to Start the Spring Season

  • Lindsay

    I am loving these posts! And videos! Thank you! It’s almost like we were able to be there with you! At least Mark is representing the “Spencer Fam”! Good Luck!

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