David Fink: Home to Start the Spring Season

Monday, January 31

The game should be called, “who can wake up the most people.”  This morning, it was a tie between Nick and Jonnie.  How can two teammates be so good at a game they don’t even practice?  Between Nicks touching of every noise-making material in the kitchen, to Jonnie yawning so everyone knows he is up, they strive to do their best to be crowned champs. 

We finally all were up and ready to go after a quick breakfast.  We headed to the Kings course for a little practice with the team.  Exiting the car brought some déjà vu.  For the many times I found myself in junior golf and qualifiers playing the Kings Course, it made me seem so old.  But then a quick reality check and the team all joined on the putting green.

The greens are definitely not in the greatest condition I have seen them, but that is golf, and no matter what, everybody will have to play on the same greens, hence the need to suck it up!  We migrated over to the driving range and chipping area like a pack of wolves, and honed in on our practice.

After a mere 2 hours and a quick game of short game horse between Nick and I, we headed back to the condos to get our relaxation in for the average, sarcasm, beach day ahead of us.  We headed to Hapuna beach, a couple miles closer to us than Mauna Kea of the day before.  Jonnie and Alex had the most fun, sarcasm, out of everyone body surfing.  Let’s just say they tend to drink a little bit too much salt water than you’re supposed to.

We, being the tanned Beavers we now are, walked up the beach path back to the cars and headed, or hele, back to our condos.  Mark was nice enough to make the dinner of champions, comprising of tater tots, cheese, bacon, more cheese, beef, and some more cheese.  After our second full and great day in Hawaii, the meal definitely hit the spot!  We are all looking forward to tomorrows practice round and another fun filled day at the beach.  It is time to get ready for the tournament in true Hawaiian Style!  In the below video you can see a few happenings on the beach today.  Aloha for now.



One response to “David Fink: Home to Start the Spring Season

  • Lindsay

    Ooh my gosh, the first paragraph had me cracking up! Ooh boys will be boys!

    And you can thank my late Grandmother for the dinner Mark made. It is his version of an old Farm recipe. There’s more where that came from! :o)

    Have fun!!!!

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