David Fink: Home to Start the Spring Season

Sunday, January 30

We got off Alaskan Airlines flight 885L with our Oregon State workout shirts on.  The back of the shirts all read “Team.”  What better way to start our first tournament of the spring than with a great field at the Waikoloa Kings Course on the island of Hawaii?  It is a great feeling to be back home and giving my teammates some pointers on some local encounters we have had on this first day.

Today we headed to Mauna Kea beach early at around 9:30am.  To add to the excitement, we all headed out into the ocean, including Coach Jon Reehoorn, to experience the 4-6 foot waves passing over head.  After a perfect time in the surf and throwing the football, we headed back to shower and get ready for our first, of many, great days of golf.

After scarfing down some PB&J’s, turkey sandwiches, and a side of POG (greatest juice on the face of the Earth), we drove 30 minutes to play at Hualalai Golf Course.  To add to the beauty of the course, Humpback Whales decided to give us a perfect backdrop on hole number 16.  A good first day results showed Jonnie Moto, also known as Johnson, shooting 66, Jeff Petroff a 69, Alex Moore 71, and Nick Sherwood and I at an even par 72.

After a day like today, only study hall can smack us back to reality to do some studying, keyword “some.”  We shall see what tomorrow holds in store for the Beavers, in preparation for the tournament on Wednesday.  Below you can find a few swings from the team today.  Aloha for now.



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