FEATURE FRIDAY- Sports Performance Center

Happy New Year!  Just 22 days until we depart for our frist event of the spring in Hawaii and part of our preparation is to make sure the team is in good physical shape to endure the rigors of a long season and 36 hole days.  Yes, golfers do workout.  At Oregon State our team is in the weight room 2-3 days a week with an emphasis on not just strength but flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning and helping to prevent any future injuries.

The Sports Performance Center a 20,000 square foot weight room for student-athletes only is located between Gill Coliseum and Reser Stadium, in the heart of all the action for student-athletes on campus at Oregon State.  The SPC features 22 olympic platforms along with 22 power racks and a four lane track.  In addition there are 45 pieces of cardio equipment and 8 sets of dumbbells.

Each workout is led by our strength coach, Mark Philipp.  Mark designs the workout and then is in the weight room with the team to oversee the workout.  Mark also works with a few of our other teams but is always available to help the guys out if they want to get some extra work in.  I’m not sure Stephen Paea has the build for a golfer, but if you spend enough time in the SPC you might be able to do what he is doing in this video below.  Excited to see what he can do at the NFL combine in a few months…what he does in this video would be a NFL record for 225 pounds.


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